Novalash Eyelash Extensions

Novalash extensions are amazing. Discover why I love them so much and why you will too!

To say that I am OBSESSED with Novalash eyelash extensions would be an understatement! About 6 months ago I decided that I was going to try out the eyelash extension fad. I have always been a little insecure about my lashes and would go to great lengths to make my natural lashes look longer. Most days I would wear 2 or 3 different mascaras at one time just to feel better about my appearance. Before getting the extensions I wasn’t sure if they would be worth it, could I keep up the maintenance, are they too expensive, would they bother my eyes? These were all the questions I kept asking myself but after a few months of debating, I finally decided I needed to try! And, you guys, from the moment I first looked in the mirror and saw the extensions I fell in LOVE!!!! They were perfect, so long, full and beautiful. I was so excited and the best part is… I no longer need to wear mascara! Since getting the extensions I’ve posted a few pictures online and have had a lot of people reach out to me with questions. So, for today’s post I really wanted to share some more information about the process and maintenance of the extensions.

The process of getting your Novalash extensions is extremely simple and relaxing. You basically get to lay down on a comfy bed with your eyes closed for a few hours, could a mother dream of anything better? I think not. I always catch myself falling asleep during the process, oops! The number of lashes you get is different for every person because each Novalash is glued to each individual eyelash you have. Your beautician will use two sets of tweezers, one to separate your real eyelash from the other lashes and the other set to glue the fake lash on top of your real one. Each of your real eyelashes will have one individual fake lash glued on top of it. The glue they use is black, so you don’t worry about it being noticeable once they are finished. This is pretty much the whole process. In my personal experience, the individual placing the lashes on yours will switch between eyes after every lash. Once the process is complete, they will fan your eyes to make sure the glue is set and then you are ready to go! The whole process from start to finish will take anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours for the initial set of extensions, this all depends on how many lashes you have and how quick your beautician is (refills are much quicker).

Here is a picture taken during my last refill session.


Maintaining your lash extensions is easy. After your first initial appointment, you will be given a Novalash kit which will include a special mascara, cleaning wipes and a brushing wand. I use the brushing wand multiple times per day, it really helps to keep your lash extensions from sticking together and after they are brushed out they look much better and fuller. The only time you need to use the mascara they provide is when you start to lose a lot of lashes. The mascara helps off set the missing extensions until you can get in for your refill. I personally dislike the cleaning wipes they provide and I never use them. Every time I would use them I would lose an extension or two. They always seemed to grab them and pull them out and it really irritated me so I stopped using them and have had no problems at all. There is really never a need to wash the lashes if you are not using mascara on them. During the first week or two the lash extensions may bother you but you will get used to them quicker than you think. I never realized how ofter I rubbed my eyes until I had the extensions. So, the whole process of getting the lashes and maintaining them is super simple. If you decide to try them out, I hope that you love them as much as I do!

My first ever before and after pics, such a HUGE difference!


My most recent set of lashes… in LOVE!!!!



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