Weekend away in Traverse City, MI

Review of our weekend trip to Traverse City, Michigan.

This past weekend we took a little trip up north to visit Traverse City, Michigan. We had heard so many great things about this cute little lake town and could not wait to get up there. My in-laws just bought an RV so we so we thought it would be fun to take it for a little trip. Traverse City is so so cute! We fell in love with this town when we were visiting. As soon as we got home my husband starting looking at rentals to stay in for next time we visit. We really only had one whole day to spend exploring so we didn’t waste anytime getting out and seeing everything we could.

The first stop on our trip was to the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes, this is about a 30-40 minute drive from the City. I would definitely recommend the drive, it was totally worth it! The sand dunes are absolutely gorgeous, as you can see in my pictures above the views are just amazing! We decided instead of hiking the dunes we would take the scenic tour, since we had Beckham with us. This tour did not disappoint. One thing I highly recommend though, is DO NOT climb down the sand dunes on the scenic route. When we stopped at the overlook of Michigan Lake there were a ton of people walking down this huge sand dune to get to the lake. There were warning signs telling everyone not to go down because they could get stuck and have to be rescued. My husband talked me in to walking down the dune which meant we had to walk back up it… it was terrible!! One of the worst things I have ever done, it was so hard to get back up the dune because you kept sliding back down. It took us 40 minutes to climb back up. We were sweating and felt so horrible afterwards. So, honestly it looks like fun to climb down but it is sooo not worth the climb back up. Other than having to climb back up the sand dune we had a great time visiting the dunes and would definitely go back.

After the dunes we went back to our RV and got ready to head downtown. Traverse City is gorgeous, it is like the perfect little town. We parked on E. Front Street and decided to walk around so we could see as much as possible. There are so many adorable local shops, I wanted to visit them all but had to pick just a few. There are also a ton of bars and restaurants that I would have loved to stop and eat at. We did eat at an Italian Restaurant that had just opened the day before , located on Front Street but it was still had some kinks to work out. The food was not very good. One place we did love was this cute little ice-cream shop called Milk & Honey. The ice-cream was delicious, if you get a chance to stop there you will not be disappointed! Other than that we just walked around and saw as much as we could before it started raining. The beach is one block from Front Street, so I would definitely recommend walking over there and putting your toes in the sand.

If you have been thinking about visiting Traverse City you should start planning a trip. Whether you are looking to relax at the beach or go exploring you will have a great time. We can’t wait to go back! If you have any recommendation for our next trip up there please leave them in the comments below!


Maui Family Vacation

Highlights from our gorgeous family vacation to Maui in March 2018.

Hello! I am so excited to be getting back into blogging and sharing our family vacation to Maui, Hawaii with all of you. This vacation was such a blast, I can’t even count how many times I told Shane that I never wanted to leave, it was just TOO PRETTY!! I wanted to share a few of my favorite memories from this vacation… except I am having a really hard time picking my favorites so I may overshare. Honestly, they were all so great! The scenery was incredible, the food was delicious and the memories we were able to make as a family if three have been some of my favorites so far. Hope you enjoy!

On our first morning on the Maui we walked down to the beach to catch the sunrise, umm can you say SPECTACULAR! I knew from that moment on that we were going to be loving Hawaii. The beach directly across from our condo was called Kamaole Beach and was our favorite spot to visit each day. If you are looking to spot a few sea turtles swimming around this is the place to go!


Haleakala Crater was another phenomenal site we were able to visit while on the island. Warning, if you get motion sickness easily this may not be the trip to take for you. My husband and I both got sick on this drive, there are so many twists and turns as you go up the mountain. Makes me sick just thinking about it. Honestly, it was worth the trip though, I mean just look at these views…

My FAVORITE day from the whole vacation was the day we drove the Road to Hana. The trip was a full day adventure with many stops along the way (yep, we took Beckham and he did so well in the car all day!) The road to Hana is incredibly gorgeous, just the scenery along the drive itself is enough to take your breath away. Three of the stops we made are definitely worth recommending.

One of the very first stops we made was the Maui Garden of Eden Arboretum. It felt as if we were walking in the most magical beautiful tropical jungle, it was absolutely stunning. We spent about an hour here just taking in all the beauty. 100% worth the stop!! If you get the chance to visit you will not be disappointed.

Another stop that I loved was the red sand beach. This beach was one of my favorites because it is extremely secluded, we asked a few locals how to get to the beach and we were told that the police were telling all the locals not to tell tourists how to get there because it is such a dangerous. Not going to lie this made us want to find it even more, haha! The walk down to the beach was pretty difficult terrain, I would recommend wearing closed toe shoes and not taking small children (thank goodness Shane’s dad stayed back in the car with Beckham). Once we got down there we were actually surprised to find some people laying out at the beach… butt naked!!! LOL! Apparently the beach is a nudist beach, FYI! We all had a good laugh when we got back to the car. If you can find this beach it is worth it to take the hike down there. The sand and water are so so pretty.

The black sand beach was another one of my favorite stops. This one is a lot easier to find and is full of tourists. I found it hard to even get a good picture because there were so many people every where! I’m glad we stopped and got to see the sand/rocks that make up such a gorgeous and popular beach. There was a lot more site seeing to do at this stop however we left quickly to get back on the road home.


Here are some other pictures that I just loved from this vacation. Beckham was such a water baby, we could never get him out!

Okay, after writing this I am so ready to go back!!!