What’s in my Cart, Shein.com Edition

Shop my Shein.com cart to find the best deals for summer!

Hi friends! Happy Hump Day, half way through the week and I’m more than ready for this weekend! We have a little trip planned to visit Traverse City with my in-laws! Seriously, so excited! Have been wanting to visit there for a few years now. If you’ve ever been please leave a comment below with your favorite places to visit!! Can’t wait to share pictures with you guys!

On today’s post I wanted to share the items I recently purchased from Shein.com. This site has soooo many items to chose from and the prices are unbelievable!! Shein is currently having a huge sale plus if you are a new member you’ll receive a 15% off discount and there’s more… they currently have discount codes listed on their front webpage for $5, $10 and $15 off your order! So be sure to check the front page before checking out! Last night I spent hours browsing the website for the best deals and after I put everything I loved in my cart I couldn’t believe the price! I was able to purchase 14 items including, swimsuits, shorts, tops, dresses and jewelry for only $100!!!! How amazing is that! I was so excited! I’ve ordered from Shein.com in the past and loved everything I bought. The quality is fantastic and the prices are even better! I am going to share what I purchased below, the prices are listed. Once I get my shipment in I’ll do a try-on session on my Instagram stories to show you how these items look. I love this site and I know you ladies will too! To stop these items I have listed the links at the bottom of this page, they are numbers in order of items below.


1. Click here to shop v-neck top.

2. Click here to shop white tank.

3. Click here to shop red tank.

4. Click here to shop green tie shorts.

5. Click here to shop gold hoop earrings.

6. Click here to shop white tassel earrings.

7. Click here to shop pink tassel earrings.

8. Click here to shop pink striped dress.

9. Click here to shop black sweater.

10. Click here to shop pearl earrings.

11. Click here to shop gold choker necklace.

12. Click here to shop yellow swimsuit.

13. Click here to shop pink stripes swimsuit.

14. Click here to shop green dress.