New Year, New Me

My 2018 new years resolutions.


Happy New Year friends! Wow, I can not believe that it is 2018 already. Time has really flown by these past few years, probably because I am constantly busy. I don’t know about you, but for me 2017 was an extremely hard year. Besides celebrating my son’s first birthday, I felt like most of the year was a struggle. I was more than happy to leave 2017 in the past and move on to a new (and hopefully) more exciting year for me and my family. Today’s post will be a quick one discussing some of my new years resolutions. I have a good feeling about 2018, this may just be my year!!!

A brand new, fresh year just brings so much hope and joy. I feel more motivated, excited, happy, and a willingness to get my life in order. My motto for 2018 is new year, new me. I have set a few personal resolutions I would like to accomplish during the year. The first thing I plan to do is work more on Casa Blanca. I was so ecstatic when I started writing this blog and then, well, life just got in the way and I put it on hold. One of my major goals for this year is to get it going again and this post is step number one. If you are a consistent follower (which I hope you are!), then you will be happy to know I plan on posting new content every Wednesday and Sunday, so keep your eyes peeled! I am so excited to have my own blog site and share my favorite things with all of you 🙂

A second resolution I set for 2018 is to get in shape. Boyyyyyy do I need some help this department. I know this will be hard for me to do, i’m pretty sure there is no one on earth worse at keeping a consistent work out schedule than me. I will start and stop over and over again, which makes me feel like I’m accomplishing nothing. In order to accomplish this goal I have downloaded the Bikini Body Guide App on my phone, the app is called Sweat if you are interested in downloading it as well. I have heard a ton of great things about BBG and I can not wait to get started. Rachel Parcell, one of my all time favorite bloggers, recently posted a before and after picture of her progress with the BBG program and she looks incredible. Rachel’s blog posts about the program have given me a lot of motivation to get started. The plan is to start on the program this weekend. Here’s to hoping that I can actually stick to a workout routine, wish me luck guys I need it! LOL

The third and final resolution I have set for 2018 is to become more financially stable by investing. My husband and I recently started looking to purchase our first rental property, woohoo! Also, we have an offer in on a house right now to purchase and flip. Hopefully, we get it so I can feel like Joanna Gaines flipping my first house. Flipping houses has been a dream of mine since I started watching HGTV at least 10+ years ago. Who else is in love with Chip and Joanna, like seriously, they are the cutest!! Anyway, I feel like we are at a place in our lives where we are able to start investing and do more than just work our day jobs for income. This is a process I would also love to share with my blog readers once we can get it started. I know investing is scary for a lot of people (us included), which is why I will be sharing our stories on how we got started and what works for us and what doesn’t. I am sure mistakes will be made along the way, but I am a true believer that you have to spend money to make money. If you have invested in real estate I would love to hear your stories!

Well, that wraps up my new years resolutions. I would love to hear what all of you have planned for this new year as well. I know its only day 3 of 365 but have a feeling that great things will happen in 2018. I’m going to end this post with a quote I recently heard on the movie Boss Baby (yes the kids movie – my son is obsessed) that really resonates with me, “aim from failure and you’ll always succeed”. Hope everyone has a blessed year! xoxo


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